O&M base in Łeba

What is an operation and maintenance base

Equinor is building in Łeba an operation and maintenance base (O&M base), which will be responsible for safe functioning of the wind farms Bałtyk 2 and 3 throughout their lifetime. Short distance from the offshore power plants improves the efficiency of technicians and reduces response time to potential failures.

The O&M base in Łeba is a modern, environmentally friendly office space, remote control center, warehouse for spare parts, and wharf for mooring vessels. The implementation of the investment will create new jobs, increase revenues to the local budget and it will create opportunities for the development of the city and the region. This is an initiative implemented under our flagship ”Port Development Program".

Former shipyard revitalized with renewable energy sources and local raw materials

Climate neutrality icon

Climate neutrality

Use of renewable energy sources in the form of heat pumps and photovoltaic panels, as well as rainwater recovery systems.

Local raw materials icon

Local raw materials

Use of locally available raw materials as well as participation of local contractors and suppliers.

Port architecture icon

Port architecture

Buildings that fit into the local landscape. Revitalization of the former shipyard and maintenance of distinctive port buildings.

Operation and maintenance base in Łeba - construction calendar



Site preparation, construction design and permitting



Tendering for construction and identifying opportunities to work with local contractors



Support for the construction process of the Baltyk 2 and 3 offshore wind farms


2024 - 2025



2024 - 2026

Recruiting for technical and administrative positions related to offshore wind farm service and maintenance



Commissioning of O&M base


from 2025

Operation and service


Friendly workplace

Around 100 people will find long-term employment in the operation and maintenance base. These will include both technicians responsible for infrastructure maintenance, as well as administrative employees supporting handling projects from land. A friendly working environment will be created thanks to maximum use of daylight as well as the creation of recreational space with huge number of plants.

Main tasks of technicians operating from the operation and maintenance base:

  • periodic inspections of wind turbines
  • verification of performance, wear and tear as well as parameters of individual turbine components
  • troubleshooting and ongoing repairs

The O&M base will generate demand for labor, products and services produced locally for at least 25 years.

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