Education in offshore

Maritime Competence Academy

Our Flagship Program "Academy of Maritime Competence" is entirely devoted to education. This is our way of improving the skills of potential employees in the domestic offshore energy sector. We initiate and support training and consult on curricula at various levels. The program also aims to organize internships and apprenticeships with the cooperation of experienced foreign companies and institutions.

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General Infrastructure of Offshore Wind Farms

General Infrastructure of Offshore Wind Farms

Educational initiatives

Education is one of the pillars of our activities, as the development of offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea depends on the quality of future personnel. Therefore, back in 2015, we were the first in Poland to conduct more than a year-long comprehensive education and information campaign on offshore wind farms. Since then, we have been actively involved in initiatives aimed at pupils and students at every level of education.

For elementary school pupils

Together with the Municipality of Rumia and Rumia Invest Park, we have signed a Letter of Intent on cooperation within the Pomeranian Center of Competence for Offshore Renewable Energy. We participate in direct meetings with young people spreading knowledge about offshore wind energy.

For secondary school pupils

We are participating in a workshop for high school students entitled "Onshore & offshore = our future" in three Gdansk technical schools - Conradinum Shipbuilding and Technical School, Energy School Complex in Gdansk and Maritime School Complex in Gdansk.

For students

We have established cooperation with the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Shipbuilding at Gdansk University of Technology - the faculty educating future employees in the offshore wind energy sector. As a result, postgraduate students gained access to the latest knowledge in the field of offshore wind energy.

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