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Equinor and Polenergia are jointly developing three offshore wind farm projects in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea


History of partnership

We were the first in the Polish market to join forces to open a new chapter in the Polish energy industry. The Polish-Norwegian consortium formed to build offshore wind farms in the Baltic has become a benchmark for other such projects. We are implementing the three wind farm projects in the Baltic Sea through three joint ventures in which both partners have a 50 percent stake each.

Equinor acts as the operator during the development, construction and operation phase, while Polenergia is responsible for obtaining all permits and the management of national matters related to the development of the projects. Equinor is a leading developer and operator of offshore wind energy in the world. Polenergia is the largest private energy group in Poland.



Equinor is an international energy company with 50 years of experience, operating in more than 30 countries. It employs 22,000 people building a culture of respect, diversity and balance between personal and professional life. It provides energy from various sources, focusing on environmentally friendly solutions to become climate neutral by 2050, and is one of the leaders in the global offshore wind market.

In Poland, in addition to offshore wind farms, Equinor is also developing onshore renewable energy sources, including large-scale photovoltaic and wind farms. The company's portfolio includes, among others, the world's largest offshore Dogger Bank farm -first floating wind farm Hywind Scotland and the world's largest floating wind farm Hywind Tampen.

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Polenergia is a Polish privately owned energy group which consists of vertically integrated companies operating in the areas of power generation from renewable and gas sources, distribution and trading as well as sale of electricity to retail and business customers.

It creates innovative solutions combining zero-emission system energy and prosumer energy. A strategic project being implemented by the Group in cooperation with Equinor is the construction of wind farms on the Baltic Sea with a total capacity of about 3 GW.


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