Career prospects

New career perspectives

Construction of the Baltyk wind farms will create about 10,000 direct and indirect jobs throughout the project cycle. The next few decades will be a period of high demand for workers related to the preparation, construction, operation and decommissioning of wind farms.

new jobs in the entire life cycle
10 000

new jobs in the entire life cycle

of estimated labor demand
30 years

of estimated labor demand

Offshore wind farms offer unlimited career opportunities for professionals in a wide range of fields: from technicians, engineers and programmers to lawyers, financiers and marketers. As part of our Flagship Program "Maritime Competence Academy", we are conducting initiatives to improve the skills of personnel in the country's offshore energy industry.

Career in offshore wind

Attractive salary ikona

Attractive salary

Participation in innovative projects ikona

Participation in innovative projects

Prospective sector ikona

Prospective sector

Professional areas in demand in offshore wind

Investment preparation

project management
energy law
environmental protection in the development process
ocean engineering
environmental law
maritime law
geology, geophysics, geotechnics
design of marine and hydrotechnical structures
occupational health, safety, quality, security and environmental (HSEQ) principles in international projects

Fabrication of wind farm components

production technology
quality control
operation of machines and equipment
service of machines and equipment

Operation and maintenance of offshore wind farm

operation of renewable energy equipment
environmental monitoring
statistical and technical analysis
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