Announcement on the intention to conduct a dialogue

MFW Bałtyk II sp. z o.o. and MFW Bałtyk III sp. z o.o. hereby announce their intention to conduct a dialogue with potential suppliers of materials and services for their respective offshore wind farm projects under development (respectively - MFW Bałtyk II and MFW Bałtyk III, hereinafter referred to as the "Projects"). Detailed information about the Projects are presented in the Supply Chain Plans published on ERO website.

  1. Subject of the Dialogue

The projects of the MFW Bałtyk II and MFW Bałtyk III include, execution of works in the onshore part, necessary to transmit power from both wind farms (max. 2 x 720 MW)

The scope of work includes the following main activities:

  • Management, including health, safety and environmental (OSH) management
  • Delivery of all necessary materials and parts to perform the assumed scope
  • Tests of cables and cable accessories in accordance with IEC 62067 and ISO 9001
  • Implementation of all construction and construction works (including trenchless passages - HDD) necessary to perform the scope
  • Installation of the necessary equipment
  • Execution of executive designs and as-built documentation
  • Cooperation with contractors of other scopes
  • Acceptance tests, functional tests and certification of equipment for the entire scope of the contract
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Performing the necessary actions related to the conclusion of the contract required to issue the Certificate of Completion

Main description of the scope:

The cable line (total length approx. 13.5 km) of power output is located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship and runs through the area of 2 communes: Ustka and Słupsk.

The land route of the 4x220 kV connection to the onshore substation (ONS) begins at the point of exit of the sea cables to land (the so-called landfall zone).

After leaving the ONS, the cable voltage changes from 220 kV to 400 kV and reaches the TSO substation "Słupsk Wierzbięcin".

  1. Dialogue Schedule
  • Announcement of the intention to conduct the Dialogue ("Announcement") – 21.07.2023
  • Completion of collection of applications for the Dialogue – 20.08.2023
  • Qualification of suppliers' applications – up to 5 days after the end of collection of applications
  • Dialogue with suppliers - within 5 days after completion of qualification of suppliers' applications
  • Distribution of invitation to tender to selected participants of the Dialogue – August / September
  • Award of contract – 4Q23
  1. Notification to the Dialogue

Applications must be submitted via the interactive Application Form.

Regulations of procedure for conducting the dialogue with potential suppliers of materials and services used in the course of construction and operation of an offshore wind farm together with a set of devices used to move power from this installation to the place of delimitation of ownership (“Regulations”) can be found here: Rules of procedure for conducting the dialogue.pdf

Any questions related to the Dialogue procedure, as well as questions which should be answered during Dialogue meeting, may be directed to:

Paweł Mawduk – Local Content Project Manager –

21 Jul 2023

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