Equinor on the local supply chain at the Conference of the Parties to the Polish Offshore Wind Sector Deal

Supporting Polish companies and increasing their participation in the offshore wind energy supply chain is one of the main challenges facing the offshore sector in Poland. Participants at the Conference of the Parties to the Polish Offshore Wind Sector Deal, organised by the Ministry of Climate and Environment, spoke about the achievements to date, but also about the barriers that the industry needs to overcome.

Year of operation of the Sectoral Agreement

Participants at the Conference, held in Warsaw, summarised one year of operation of the Sectoral Agreement for the Development of Offshore Wind Energy. In a panel discussion titled “Offshore wind energy as a chance for the development of Polish local content” prepared by the Polish Wind Energy Association, a representative of Equinor Polska emphasised that the Norwegian company bases its operations on building long-term and stable conditions for its cooperators, the local community and the supply chain.

Andrzej Popadiuk, Stakeholder Manager from Equinor Polska, pointed out that such a clear declaration is the establishment of a strategic, long-term cooperation with Polenergia Group. Both companies were the first to announce the establishment of a joint venture to develop some of the largest offshore projects in the Baltic Sea. They were also the first to choose Łeba as the location for their service base and to begin cooperation with local companies and the local government.

The foundations for the development of offshore wind energy are long-term, prospective, and predictability of operating conditions.

Equinor's representative pointed out that the company animates the creation of a local supply chain by transferring its best practices in this area to Poland. These include direct information activities aimed at Polish companies, which can become suppliers and contractors for part of the work in the implementation of projects. Transparent cooperation with Polish companies in this regard involves informing and educating them on how to apply and what formal conditions need to be met in order to enter the pool of potential subcontractors.

Space for innovation, competence and Polish supply chain players

„The foundations for the development of offshore wind energy are two elements: long-term and prospective, and predictability of operating conditions. They are what builds space for investors, capital, innovation, competence and, above all, for Polish participants in the supply chain." - said Andrzej Popadiuk.

At the same time, he emphasised the importance of the Sectoral Agreement, which has become a unique platform for creating a system for offshore wind energy development, a place for dialogue, cooperation and working out solutions for all parties involved in the process.

The panel was attended by representatives of offshore developers and companies, the Industrial Development Agency, the Maritime University of Technology in Szczecin and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

25 Nov 2022

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