The MFW Bałtyk I environmental research campaign progressing as planned

The next stages of the MFW Bałtyk I environmental research program carried out by the Polish company MEWO S.A. are progressing in line with planned schedule. Launched in December 2020, the programme for the identification of environmental conditions in the area of the third offshore investment jointly implemented by Polenergia and Equinor includes a number of studies and analyses in the location of the farm, in the area of its impact and within the designated sections of the considered variants of the transmission infrastructure corridor. A comprehensive pre-investment research programme is necessary to conduct an overall assessment of the impact on all elements of nature and other users of the area.

The research project team has now completed a physical study of the seabed, bottom sediments, benthic organisms and archaeological heritage. The works are continued in the field of hydrological and meteorological studies, the occurrence of birds and bats and bird migration, studies of underwater background noise and activity of marine mammals, impacts on fish and others indicated by national law and good industry practices.

The research campaign is scheduled for completion in mid-2022.

28 Dec 2021

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