Announcement on the intention to conduct a dialogue

  1. Subject of the Dialogue

The MFW Baltyk II and MFW Bałtyk III Foundations fabrication contracts comprise the supply of 100 WTGs foundations combined for Baltyk II&III as in monopiles, transition pieces and jackets incl. accessories & equipment.  The foundation fabrication Scope of Work includes the following main activities:

  • Management including Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management 
  • Interface coordination towards Engineering Contractor and other interfacing contractors 
  • All fabrication engineering necessary to complete the foundations units including temporary phases and special load situations such as Unit upending at fabrication site. 
  • All procurement necessary to complete the foundation units
  • All fabrication activities necessary to complete the foundation units
  • Installation of Company’s Materials
  • Mechanical Completion (MC), functional testing and certification of equipment  
  • All Units prepared for transportation, including preservation. 
  • Intermediate storage prior to load-out for transportation/installation 
  • Loadout and transportation of the Units from Site to Storage Site including, if required, provision of tug and barge with required grillage and seafastening where required. 
  • Loadout
  • Contract close out activities required for issue of the Completion Certificate 

OWF components which are part of this procurement process are:

  • Monopiles
    • Primary steel
    • Secondary steel and outffitings
    • Flanges
    • Corrosion protection systems
      • Paint
      • Catodic protection
    • Cables entry holes
    • Transition Pieces
      • Boat landing
      • Work platform
      • Crew access systems
      • Lifting devices
  • Jackets
    • Pin piles
    • Braces
    • Nodes
    • Transition pieces for jackets
  1. Dialogue Schedule
  • Announcement of the intention to conduct the Dialogue ("Announcement") – 17.03.2023
  • Completion of collection of applications for the Dialogue – 16.04.2023
  • Qualification of suppliers' applications – up to 5 days after the end of collection of applications
  • Dialogue with suppliers - within 5 days after completion of qualification of suppliers' applications
  • Distribution of invitation to tender to selected participants of the Dialogue – within 5 days from the date of the Dialogue with suppliers
  • Award of contract – November 2023
  1. Notification to the Dialogue

Applications must be submitted via the interactive Application Form.

Regulations of procedure for conducting the dialogue with potential suppliers of materials and services used in the course of construction and operation of an offshore wind farm together with a set of  devices used to move power from this installation to the place of delimitation of ownership (“Regulations”) can be found here: Rules of procedure for conducting the dialogue.pdf

Any questions related to the Dialogue procedure, as well as questions which should be answered during Dialogue meeting, may be directed to:

Paweł Mawduk - Local Content Project Manager -

17 Mar 2023

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